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Earth Ocean Farms: a vertically integrated fish farming company
using advanced technology and innovative solutions in offshore aquaculture.

Earth Ocean Farms (EOF) is a marine fish farming company located in the Sea of Cortez, near La Paz, in Baja California, Mexico. We operate a hatchery and an offshore site farm with 84 hectares of water surface for several species of temperate-water marine fish. In conjunction with sister company Ocean Farm Technologies (OFT), we also test and develop advanced offshore farming equipment.

EOF and OFT are part of Baja Aquaculture, Inc, a management company dedicated to the development, building, and marketing of innovative and integrated farming systems for marine fish worldwide.

Operations & Technology


In 2011, Earth Ocean Farms started operations growing high potential aquaculture species in the technologically innovative Aquapod™ cages, invented by Ocean Farm Technologies. Operations include all the required permitting, a dive team, biologists, and relationships with companies and government institutions. A solid infrastructure from which to grow into larger operations. EOF’s hatch to harvest model will overcome major challenges and will act as a pole of development for marine aquaculture in the region.



Knowing that the lack of an adequate fingerling supply has been the major bottleneck for aquaculture in the region, Earth Ocean Farms is developing a hatchery for marine finfish native to the Sea of Cortez. This hatchery is a joint venture with our partners at Grupo Mahr.

With its ongoing hatchery operation, Earth Ocean Farms intends to satisfy its own demand and supply third parties interested in growing native species like the totoaba, Totoaba macdonaldi (a local type of sea bass) and the Pacific Red Snapper- Lutjanus peru.