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EOF recognizes the need to farm marine finfish in an environmentally responsible way.  We strive to develop economically viable, sustainable, and profitable aquaculture models. Our goal is to produce seafood to satisfy the increasing demand, against the background of steady or declining world fisheries.

EOF will address the growing market demand for sustainable aquaculture-produced marine fish, while minimizing its impact on the environment. Our company will grow and sell high quality, competitively priced, safe and delicious Baja fish. We want to create a valuable brand name by developing innovations and technologies that will increase the quality of a sustainable product, while preserving the environment.


To develop an economically viable and environmentally sustainable aquaculture system for marine fish. To produce high-quality seafood products, developing and promoting innovative equipment and technology for offshore aquaculture.


  • To become leaders in the aquaculture industry of sustainable marine finfish.
  • To develop new technologies, innovative equipment and techniques for sustainable offshore aquaculture.
  • To grow high-quality sustainable seafood with the minimum possible environmental impacts.
  • To result in regional improvement through ecologically sound economic development.
  • To work in partnership with community-based organizations to develop local aquaculture projects, providing ongoing support like technology, training, and fingerlings for grow out operations.