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Earth Ocean Farms has established agreements of cooperation or specific partnerships with the following organizations:

GRUPO MAHR is a Mexican corporation, founded in 1998, working with all aspects of shrimp aquaculture and incorporating three companies, strategically divided in the productive chain: The first company, Acuacultura Mahr, deals with genetic improvement of shrimp and production of post-larval and juvenile shrimp for stocking into aquaculture ponds. The second company, Organic Shrimp, deals with shrimp farming in the grow-out phase, and manages shrimp farms. The third company, Aquatecnia, deals with specialty feed distribution from Belgian producer Bernaqua. Acuacultura Mahr has partnered with Earth Ocean Farms in a joint venture hatchery for producing marine fish in La Paz, Mexico. Their website is at:

CREMES is the Center for Reproduction of Marine Species of the State of Sonora in Mexico. CREMES produces juveniles of shellfish and finfish for stocking in aquaculture farms. Earth Ocean Farms has a broad agreement of cooperation with CREMES for the development of commercial aquaculture of novel species.

CICIMAR is the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute, located in La Paz Mexico. Among many other topics this institute works on aquaculture of snappers and has a broad agreement of cooperation with Earth Ocean Farms to develop red snapper aquaculture. The center’s website is at

CIBNOR is the Center for Biological Research of the Northwest, located in La Paz, Mexico. Earth Ocean Farms has agreements of cooperation and joint aquaculture research and development projects with CIBNOR, through our joint venture partner Acuacultura Mahr. CIBNOR’s webpage can be seen at

CRIP LA PAZ is the Regional Center for Fisheries Research, also located in La Paz, Mexico. Earth Ocean Farms and CRIP have cooperated at developing broodstock and several other R&D projects dealing with marine fish. Their website is at: