We produce and commercialize totoaba and Pacific Snapper with BAP certification, through our AQUACULTURE center specialized in their cultivation.

Through the management of Wildlife Conservation Units, we have achieved a process of sustainable aquaculture that promotes the conservation, recovery and restoration of marine resources, without affecting wild Totoabas and the Vaquita Marina, both endangered species endemic to the Sea of Cortez.

We ensure the highest standards of our industry with our unique, healthy and great tasting fish.


Whole, gutted, filleted and portions. Fresh or frozen.

Totoaba: 11 lb. to 15 lb
Fillet: 4.4 lb a 6.6 lb
Pacific Snapper: 1.5 lb to 3.5 lb
Fillet: 7 oz a 21 oz

It needs to be kept cool, in refrigeration from 32º to 39ºF during 4 to 8 days after harvested.