We are pioneers in sustainable offshore aquaculture.

We are a company established in La Paz, Mexico, determined to create an innovative and sustainable operation. We selected the waters of Baja California Sur to produce a super fish. Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing industry to supply a growing demand for healthy protein to feed the planet now and in the future. We strive to raise the healthiest fish in a responsible and sustainable way.

We also provide specialized jobs and generate economic development in the region where there is a high potential for this activity. Through our aquaculture operation we support the community in many ways.

Since the Totoaba is an endangered species, we found an environmentally, responsible and sustainable way to offer a nutritious and healthy product, fully traceable to the end customer.


Determined to create an innovative and sustainable aquaculture operation, we selected the pristine waters of La Paz to establish our offshore farm. Located 31 miles north of La Paz and 2 miles away from the coast, we have a marine aquaculture concession of 864 acres with 100-150 feet in depth.


We take our commitment of sustainability seriously, we join efforts with research centers, government agencies, environmental organizations, private companies and pro-conservation fishermen of the Sea of Cortez for the reconstruction of their fisheries and validation of models and techniques for sustainable Mariculture.