At Earth Ocean Farms we believe in sustainable seafood production.

By moving far away from crowded coastal waters and sensitive ecosystems into the open ocean, we operate in harmony with our natural surroundings.
We have found an environmentally responsible and sustainable way to offer Totoaba and Pacific Snapper to distributors and end consumers.
We are also proud to say there has been no traceable impact to the marine environment around us and we do not affect the wild totoaba populations nor the vaquita marina, which is also an endangered species.
A healthy and sustainable environment means a healthy and sustainable fish.


We are committed to preserve the oceans and its habitat through our Totoaba restocking plan.

Through the management of the Wildlife Conservation Units we participate in a joint effort of a restocking plan that helps preserve and protect this endangered species. In collaboration with the General Wildlife Management of SEMARNAT and other government agencies, as well as NGO´s, we periodically release totoaba juveniles into their natural habitat.

To know more about our annual restocking event of totoabas into the Sea of Cortez, please watch the following video.